Who provide Payment Gateway Service in Bangladesh?

Who provide Payment Gateway Service in Bangladesh?

Payment Gateways provide the following advantages :

  • Based on the credit card information of the customer, payment of all kinds transaction online.
  • In most case, at very low cost one dollar cost and less than the amount of money transaction in each other.
  • Direct deposits and withdrawals to the customer & seller bank account.
  • Most companies have their own prepaid cards, so the customer and seller bank card is not even a bank account


SSL Commerce

This is Bangladeshi first online Payment Gateway service.Although Paypal, Skrill, Payza, Moneybooker etc are a little crystallized by these names.But all major websites of Bangladesh such as ajker deal, Bdjobs, Novo Air, United Airways, Regent Airways, Diamond World, Meena Bazar and many others popular organizations are also available to their clients.Customers can complete transactions through local credit card/debit card like visa card, MasterCard, DBBL, Nexus Card,BRAC Bank Credit Card etc by online shopping. Mobile banking is in service Bkash  and Rocket with SSL commerce.To learn more, visit this website :https://sslcommerz.com


Bangladeshi second largest Payment Gateway Service Provider Easy-Pay.Those who have supported all others type of bank cards such as Visa-Cards, Master-Card, BKash, DBBL, and others cards and offer credit and debit transactions.

Easy Pay authorities have introduced four types of packages to meet the demands of all types of online transactions, keeping in mind the customers of all categories, which is a follows:

  • Web Services
  • Customer Package
  • Professional packages
  • Corporate package

To learn more for visit : http://www.easypay.com


Online Payment Gateway, which includes all the existing bank cards, as well as some more specialized such as Dinners Club, Mx supported, Bangladesh Armed Forces, Dhaka WASA, Red Crescent, Due to its customers satisfaction in the Dhaka Stock Exchange.

Shujopay in there 3 packages included :

  • Shurjo-Pay SMI
  • Shurjo-Pay B2B
  • Shurjo-Pay Premium

To learn more for visit : http://www.shurjopay.com.bd/


Online Payment Gateways that allow local and international credit and debit card transaction and the conventional all bank cards are supportedThere have customer of big companies such as Grammen-Phone, Robi, Qubee, Daraj & Chaldal.

Two types of packages are available in port-walls

  • Primary Plan
  • Business plan

To learn more for visit :  https://www.portwallet.com


Another reputable online payment gateway service in Bangladesh.All other popular gadgets like Gateways, which are rich and feature in customer satisfaction.Walton,East-West University, Jaman-IT, BD online shop have their clients. In addition to the payment Gateway service, E-commerce related services are now providing.To learn more for visit : https://www.walletmix.com


Another one notable online payment gateway service in Bangladesh, which is the most prominent feature of Bangladesh, including both the international both Bangladesh and others Bangladeshi online payment gateways by exposing the conventional Major Debit, Credit cards and Nexus cards.

To learn more for visit :  https://www.amarpay.com

Payza Bangladesh

Payza Payment Gateway which supports the currency of the world’s 25 countries and is a unique and truth-worthy means of accepting and sending money online.A unique feature of this is that through this money can be sent out of the country through the free cost.

They have two types of packages :

  • Personal Package
  • Business Package

Two know the pricing and other advantages of these two types of packages to visit : https://www.payza.com

What type of Documents needed to open an account for Payment Gateway Service ?

  • Filled Merchant From
  • Trade License
  • Certificate of incorporation (For limited Company)
  • Company eTIN Certificate (For limited Company)
  • Signatory’s eTIN Certificate
  • Photo of Signatories
  • NID Card
  • Article of Asscoiation (For limited Company)


Avarage rating for Bangladeshi payment getaway:

https://www.portwallet.com/en_US/index.html  *
https://www.sslcommerz.com/index.php  **
https://www.walletmix.com/  **

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